NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — As we all know, Spring is right around the corner and it is an extremely busy time of year when it comes to the real estate market. People will be getting their homes ready to put them on the market. At the same time, people will be out and about scoping out all the inventory, looking to buy.

Joining us Sunday morning on Good Morning Connecticut, America’s top lifestyle expert Mar Jennings shared many helpful things to keep in mind if you’re staging your home to sell this Spring.

Jennings is an Emmy-nominated TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and best selling author who has mastered the art of creating a casual luxury lifestyle, made simple and smart. He is known for making it quickly understood and easy-to-apply with his trademark ‘smart tips’ and techniques.

Jennings went over several pointers on Good Morning Connecticut, shown in the video above. These are the important Spring housing market preparations he discusses:

1. Depersonalize. A potential buyer could have difficulty envisioning themselves in your home if they see family photos and personal belongings. Go through your home and take down the photos, the children’s artwork, yearbooks, photo albums, and holiday cards. This way your home can become a blank canvas for potential buyers to picture themselves living in. 
2- Streamline your home. Get rid of all clutter and eyesores in each room. Make sure the garage isn’t full of junk-this would be a great time to donate unused items. If there are chairs in the living room that you don’t use, take them out of the space. The key is to make everything in each room flow without obstacles and unnecessary crowding. 
3-Small, smart repairs. Is there a chip in the paint? A gap in the floor? A tile or two missing? Make sure you get all of these small yet noticeable issues repaired. These are quick and easy fixes that, if gone neglected, could decrease the value of your home. 
4-Take inventory for the home and garden. If you have new appliances or have done some recent gardening, take inventory of that. You want potential buyers to know what’s new and how well your home is taken care of. 
5-Remove all signs of pets. This is a simple one. If you have dogs and/or cats, hide the toys, scratching posts, beds, and mini food dishes. If your pet is something smaller, like a bird or a hamster, designate one area to your pet and keep everything clean. For fish, be mindful of where you place the bowl and keep it clean.
6-Bathroom Must-haves. Imagine your bathroom as one in a hotel suite. Cleaning the floors, countertops, toilet, and shower are essential. Stock your bathroom with clean towels and make sure everything matches and is folded nicely. Add some décor, a fresh bar of soap and a pretty dispenser, maybe even a candle.
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