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Preparing your kids for the brutally cold weather


With the sub freezing, single digit temperatures on the way, children are the most adversely affected by the cold.

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Dr. Lana Friedman is an ER physician at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and suggests parents know the the symptoms of hypothermia so they can keep a close eye out for it. Shivering, disorientation and sluggishness are signs your child is in trouble.

“So they are smaller so they are more prone to hypothermia and frostbite so that can affect them quicker than an adult.”

So one way to limit your child exposure at the bus stop, if an adult can park a minivan or car at the bus stop and let the children stay inside and stay warm while waiting for the bus, it goes a long way, because the cold has an accumulative affect.

Dr. Friedman also says layering up is one of the most efficient ways to stay warm, because you can control your temperature by adding or subtracting layers. 

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“So a good rule of thumb for small children and infants, is to dress them in one more layer it then would be comfortable for you.”

It’s also important for adults to take a step outside the house in the morning, feel the cold themselves that way they can properly assess whether or not their children are dressed correctly. 

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