(WTNH) — As funerals continued Monday for the 17 victims of the Florida school massacre, students protested in front of the White House.

They staged a “lie-in” for three minutes for how long it reportedly took accused shooter Nikolas Cruz to buy an AR-15 assault rifle.

Amid the uproar, Cruz made a second court appearance Monday afternoon for a status hearing.Related Content: New Haven woman saws handgun in two

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump said he’ll hold a listening session Wednesday with students and teachers and hold talks with local and state leaders on school safety.

Back in Florida, Parkland students pushed for new gun laws and announced a March on Washington March 24th.

“We feel neglected and, at this point, you’re either with us or against us,” said Cameron Kasky.Related Content: Bill making its way through Congress could impact each state’s gun laws

More teens are calling for a National Day of School Walkouts and Sit-Ins March 17th, including right here in Connecticut.

In Los Angeles, gun control advocates rallied against the NRA’s donations to Congress.

Lastly, the Florida Senate says it will announce sweeping legislation on gun control, including new age restrictions for gun purchases, a ban on bump stocks and gun violence restraining orders.