HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Quinnipiac University’s National Poll released the latest findings on Wednesday. The poll looked at raising the minimum legal age to buy any gun, gun violence, and President Joe Biden’s approval rating.

The poll found that Americans 74 to 24 percent support raising the minimum legal age to buy any gun to 21 years old nationwide. The poll also showed that Americans support 57 to 38 percent stricter gun laws in the country. In November 2021, the QU Poll showed that 45 percent supported stricter gun laws and 49 percent opposed them.

The poll showed near-unanimous support, 92 percent, for requiring background checks for all gun buyers.

The poll also asked what people think the main cause of mass shootings by young people in the United States is. Here is a breakdown:

  • mental health issues: 40 percent;
  • availability of guns: 19 percent;
  • family instability: 17 percent;
  • social media: 10 percent;
  • entertainment such as movies, music, and video games: 7 percent.

QU also polled people about Biden. The poll showed that Americans give Biden a negative 33 to 55 percent job approval rating with 12 percent not offering an opinion. QU said the approval rating ties the low he received in QU national polls on April 13, 2022, and January 12, 2022.

Americans were asked about President Biden’s handling of…

  • the response to the coronavirus: 47 percent approve, while 46 percent disapprove;
  • the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: 42 percent approve, while 50 percent disapprove;
  • gun violence: 32 percent approve, while 59 percent disapprove;
  • the economy: 28 percent approve, while 64 percent disapprove.

When asked about the most urgent issue the country faces, Americans said inflation, 34 percent, is the most urgent, followed by gun violence, 17 percent.

To read the full QU poll, click here.