HAMDEN Conn. (WTNH) — Some students at Quinnipiac University are upset after the school unveiled its new logo earlier this summer, and have started a petition to change it.

The university rolled out the new logo in June with a different typeface; but that’s not what the students are most upset about. Students have noticed that the school is now using a lowercase ‘u’ for the word university.

The students are now upset about the letter ‘u’ not being capitalized saying:

“The outrageous decision not to capitalize the “U” in university (a proper noun), reflects poorly on everyone affiliated with this institution of higher learning. We feel that the most basic components of English grammar must be recognized in all settings, regardless of stylistic intentions.”

Lynn Bushnell, the vice president of public affairs says:

“We have no intentions of looking back, only forward as we work to improve Quinnipiac’s stature and visibility in the higher education community.”

Now that the fall semester has gotten underway, a group of students are leading a request to capitalize the “U”.

To help the students reach their goal of 1,000 signatures click