We’ve all been there. Either trying to sell, buy, or rent a home.

From an open house, to tons of showings, realtors have a lot on their hands. Well a team of realtors in California have gone the extra mile to sell this house. 

A catchy beat, a rap group, and a huge home. All keys to a good music video or a creative way to sell this mansion. 

“Solar power off the grid. Tesla for the win. Check the views you’ve been missing. Tim Smith with the listing,” are some of the lyrics. 

So it took four days of filming, and about a $50,000 budget to make this happen.

The Newport home is worth about $45 million. So far, this video has racked up more than 20,000 views!

“Deep down I’ve always wanted to have a little swag, be a rapper, so this is my one and done,” said Tim Smith, Realtor. 

Smith says the video’s been out not even one week and already, he has four or five serious buyers.