The high temperature at Windsor Locks on Thursday was 66°. That’s a whopping 25° warmer than normal, but still 3° shy of the record high temperature for the date. The records for Friday (73°) and Saturday (70°) are even warmer. Odds are, none of the records will be tied or broken, but this level of sustained February warmth in the Hartford area is still very unusual.

As you can see from the Tweet below, there have only been three instances of at least three consecutive 60° February days in the Hartford area since 1905. With more warm weather in the forecast for Saturday (in spite of clouds/showers), there is a good chance this will be the fourth occurrence in the past 112 years. How rare is it to have three straight 60° days in February. Well, put it this way, since 1949 there have only been three instances of 3-straight 98° days in Hartford. At the other extreme, there have only been three instances of three straight days with highs 15° or under in Hartford. I think you get the idea, it’s not a normal occurrence!

While this is a highly unusual stretch inland, the combination of clouds and a southerly wind is keeping the Shoreline in the just “unseasonably warm” category. Highs are likely to be in the 50s for three straight days. It’s a nice stretch, but nothing to write home about.