Recounts taking place for several state legislative races


Dozens of people pack a small conference room at Berlin Town Hall as moderators, election observers and state party attorneys look over every ballot cast in the 30th state house race between Democratic House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz and Republican challenger Michael Gagliardi. 

The speaker led Gagliardi by 37 votes after the original count on election night, triggering an automatic recount. 

Gagliardi was a late entry into the race after the previous Republican challenger dropped out after inappropriate social media posts came to light. 

When looking at ballots and observing, just making sure they get put in the proper category, making sure if there is a question for one or the other that they’re just being tabulated for the correct candidate”, said Adam Salina, Democratic Observer.  

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“They count recount and recount. there’s several people doing it and its been pretty smooth” said Republican Observer Sal Bordonaro. 

This is the Berlin Head Moderator’s first recount. She says there were some minor issues to start the day, but nothing that couldn’t get quickly resolved between the parties. 

“There was a little problem with the machine when we first started so they had to work that out but things seem to be going well”, Marsha Busnarda said. 

Related Content: Recounts ordered in 4 Connecticut legislative races

For all of the legal wrangling surrounding recounts in the Florida senate and governor races, the process appears much less contentious here. 

Aresimowicz gained eight votes in Southington and five in Berlin after every ballot was counted, giving him a 50 vote victory.

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