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Report: Lanza documents include education records, psychiatrist reports


An exclusive report by the Hartford Courant details the mindset of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza leading up to the 2012 massacre. 

The Courant sued Connecticut State Police to obtain more than 1,000 pages of previously unreleased documents. 

The Courant obtained the records after a five-year court battle that made its way all the way to the Connecticut Supreme Court. 

The documents included journal entries school assignments and education records, as well as psychiatrist reports, spanning 15 years of Lanza’s life.

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The Courant reports the documents reveal the gunman as an “Emaciated loner…crippled by obsession, scornful of most other people…who was fascinated with mass murder.”

In one communication with an online gamer, Lanza wrote that he has “…Nothing other than scorn for humanity,” and that he never felt anything positive for someone in his entire life. 

Andrew Julien, publisher and editor in chief at the Hartford Courant, says the records could help prevent a similar attack in the future. 

“If you want to think about how you have a prevention strategy or insights, you might learn from these horrendous events. You need a complete picture of what was going on to do so properly,” he explained.

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The Courant reports that the documents also show that Lanza’s troubles were never off the radar of people around him, including his parents, teachers, counselors and psychiatrists.

The gunman stayed at home with his mother from 10th grade on, where records show he played spent hours playing violent video games. 

Medical and school records included references to diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. 

On Friday, it will be six years since the shooting occurred. Julien said the timing of the Courant’s report is based on the release of the documents, not the anniversary. 

Newtown Action Alliance also released a statement after the Courant obtained the previously unreleased documents:

“The investigative records of the Sandy Hook shooter should send a strong message to all responsible gun owners in America. It’s imperative that they safely store their firearms to prevent individuals suffering from mental crisis from using guns to hurt others and/or themselves. Our weak gun laws, coupled with parental negligence, made it too easy for the gunman to access a weapon of war to senselessly murder innocent children and educators in less than five minutes. We encourage Governor-elect Ned Lamont and the new General Assembly to pass Ethan’s Law during the next legislative session to tighten the safe storage requirements for firearms in Connecticut and we also implore Congress to pass a similar law on a federal level to save lives.” 

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