Repubs already calling Dems agenda anti-business


As the 2019 General Assembly session moves into its 5th week the proposed new laws are being filed fast and furious.  One would potentially affect hundreds of thousands of Connecticut workers and their employers and another would affect thousands of young people heading to Community College.

Governor Lamont will roll out his big plans 2 weeks from today. State lawmakers on the Democratic side are rushing to showcase the new laws they want included.

It’s estimated that nearly a quarter of a million Connecticut residents work in the food service sector,  at bars and restaurants and also in retail jobs at stores large and small, and work in nursing homes. Many are required to be ‘on call’ but then don’t get called in. A new proposal would require employers with more than 25 employees to give 72 hours notice for ‘on call scheduling.’ If they didn’t, the worker would be entitled to an amount equal to half their hourly wage.

“This protects and empowers the hourly worker who works ‘on call’ by requiring employers to apply more responsible, fairer scheduling practices,” said bill author Sen. Marilyn Moore.

Noting that both New York and Rhode Island have started free Community College tuition programs, one (NY) with family income limits, and one (RI) with none; there’s a new bill to do that here with specifics on who would qualify still to be worked out.  A second proposal would offer a tax credit to businesses that help their employees pay off student debt. 

The co-chair of the legislature’s Higher Education Committee, Sen. Will Haskell saying, “It recognizes that students are investments and empowering young people today leads to economic success down the road.”

Republicans in the Assembly note there’s no way to pay for the tutition idea, and that coupled with other proposals already announced, they say the Democrats are heading down the anti-business climate road again. 

“Increasing the minimum wage and then let’s add in telling businesses when people can come to work. That level of micro management is what causes Connecticut to lose confidence,”  said Rep. Vin Candelora, the House Deputy Minority Leader.

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