EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The tenants of 43 units at the Stonebridge Apartment Complex in East Hartford had to be rehomed after the complex was damaged by water on Monday.

The Town of East Hartford was notified of a water issue at the Stonebridge Apartment Complex located at 96 Silver Lane. The East Hartford Fire Department was dispatched to water in the basement of the building.

Upon arrival, fire personnel found about five feet of water from a leaking pipe that submerged the entire utility room, according to officials.

The Inspections and Permits Department staff were called to the scene and the out-of-state owner of the complex was contacted. The owner hired a contractor to begin pumping out the water inside the utility room to assess the damage. The contractor is working on behalf of the property owner and is in the process of repairing the damage.

The building was placarded and deemed unfit for occupation due to the lack of hot water and code violations, according to officials.

The East Hartford Health and Social Services Department was on scene to assist with the relocation of tenants who resided in the 43 units impacted by the damage. All costs associated with the relocation are the responsibility of the apartment complex owner, officials said.

After the repairs are complete and the building is reinspected and deemed to fit the standards of the Town of East Hartford’s property maintenance code, the placard may be removed.

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Occupation of the building will not be permitted until the placard is removed following a satisfactory re-inspection.

The town will communicate further updates as soon as they become available.