Rev. Dr. Harold Middlebrook’s passion for civil rights still burns strong


(WTNH)–At age 75, the Reverend Doctor Harold Middlebrook’s passion for civil rights still burns strong.

The Civil Rights Movement was coming to a boil during Middlebrook’s younger years.

“When Martin Luther King stated in ’54, ’55, ’56 with the Montgomery bus, we kept up every day with it in my household,” Middlebrooks said.

Rev. Middlebrook would go on to college at a prestigious school in Atlanta, where his life would take a turn.

“I graduated and went on to Morehouse, did a summer program as Woodrow Wilson’s student and got involved with Lonnie King, Herschel Sullivan, Julian Bond, all of that crowd in Atlanta for the Committee on Appeal for Human Rights,” he said.

His friendship with King would land him in tense situations with local police.

“They went out to the car and got a rubber hose and came to proceed to whip me with the rubber hose, now here’s the difference: the tire irons can leave bruises and scars, that’s visible. The rubber hose leaves you wounded on the inside,” he said.

On the day that Dr. King was assassinated, Reverend Middlebrook reminds us all that the movement was bigger than one man.

The dream wasn’t just Martin’s dream, it’s the dream of thousands of people who had suffered through segregation, humiliation, degradation,” Middlebrook said.

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