HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – While Monday was the focus of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., there is one artist who is making it her passion 365 days a year.

Rise Up for Arts initiated MLK 39, honoring each of the 39 years Dr. King was alive. So far, 16 cities have come together to paint a mural that goes onto a puzzle piece.

Emida Roller is the artist in charge of making sure all the pieces flow together.

“Everybody will tell you exactly what section of it that you painted because they will remember,” Roller said.

“I painted a rainbow because I felt like it blends the colors together and I wanted to have a togetherness, so that’s why I did a rainbow,” said Tanya Beckett.

All 39 pieces will eventually be intertwined on one giant wall for display in Manchester, but the project at Wadsworth Anethum in Hartford is as much about the art as the induvial conversation around the table.

“Are we really going forward or are we walking around in a circle here, so we are still continuing the conversation and I think individually we are all making a difference,” Roller said. “Individually, you’re dealing with neighbors and you’re dealing with other people every day, how you treat them.”

As they wrap up the mural in Hartford, the next stop will be Hampton and from there, they are going out to six different cities and towns across the state.

If you want to be involved in their plans, click here.