Rising number of positive COVID-19 cases signals a second wave, but when will it peak?


(WTNH) — Never before has our patience been tested as it has been during the pandemic. The rising number of positive cases show we are into the second wave. Now the question is, when will it peak? Well, it depends.

Dr. John Murphy is the C.E.O. of Nuvance Health. He’s looked a six polls and they vary as to when we’ll reach the peak.

“I think at the moment. The consensus is that it’s probably not gonna occur until mid-January,” Dr. Murphy said.

Health experts have gone to school since the pandemic began. While there is a lot to learn about the coronavirus, there’s a lot that’s been learned.

“Our testing and tracing is much better. The data is shared widely between the state and local municipalities and providers. And I think the degree of cooperation and collaboration is really light years ahead of where it was in the early days of the pandemic,” Dr. Murphy said. For those reasons, he added, “we don’t expect to be overwhelmed by this.”

Seven or so months into the pandemic, Dr. Murphy pointed out that the patients now coming into the hospitals are a little younger and less likely to stay in as long and ultimately die from the illness.

I don’t want anyone to take away the sense that we are overly confident or we’re treating this casually. This is still a very serious infection. But, I do believe that seven months has taught us a great deal how to combat it.”

Recently, the FDA approved remdesivir for hospitalized patients. Dr. Murphy said in addition to using it early in hospitalized patients, they may also give the anti-viral to someone who comes into the emergency department and doesn’t need to be hospitalized. The goal there is to shorten and reduce the intensity of the vital illness.

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