PROSPECT, Conn. (WTNH) — Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been told the best thing to keep everybody safe is to stay home, but what if there were a way to go on vacation and take your home with you? That is exactly what lots and lots of people have been doing.

Camping in a trailer or motorhome is the perfect pandemic getaway. See the country, but keep everyone at a distance.

“Where normally we would have a big push in the spring, of course, the summer push. And now it continues through the fall,” explained Unlimited RV owner Nick Wright.

Wright is struggling to keep up with demand in his Prospect business. Remote working and learning have made any time travel time.

“I’m working from home, my kids are doing school from home, let’s get out of here for the winter,” Wright said.

If you are thinking of buying or renting a recreational vehicle, keep some things in mind.

“Who is going to be in it? How often are you going to use it? And then what type?” said Wright. “Do I want a drivable? Do I want a towable?”

On the low end is the tiny Bushwhacker trailer.

“I don’t need all the amenities, I just need to sleep, I need to cook,” is how Wright describes the easily towable trailer.

You cook in an open-air kitchen in the rear of the trailer. It has a tiny refrigerator, sink and a 2-burner stove.

Inside is pretty much all one big bed where two can sleep. The Bushwhacker runs about $10,000.

For $25,000, you can upgrade to the Aspen Trail 26BH. It has a private queen bedroom up front, bunk beds in the back. A full bathroom means no need for public facilities.

“5,500 pounds, easy to tow, easy to use, and it’s really a budget rig,” Wright said.

If your budget is a lot bigger, there is the Forest River XLR Nitro. You can have your own bedroom.

“Full wardrobe, which is on a slideout. This unit has 3 large slideouts, and then a king bed for sleeping,” described Wright.

There is also a kitchen and living room nicer than in some houses. There is a massive couch, wall-mounted 50-inch TV, even an electric fireplace.

And the back is designed to hold dirt bikes or a 4-wheeler. Or use the ramp as a back porch, what Wright describes as a “party deck.”

“Then you can put your chairs and tables out here. You’ve got an awning,” Wright said.

That unit costs about $70,000. It is a big rig, requires a pretty big truck to tow it, and first-time buyers should keep size in mind.

The pandemic has brought an increase in RV accidents around the country.

“Whenever we tried to park in my mom’s driveway we’d take out a bush or a branch,” said first-time RV owner Julie Homrich.

“The pole that’s next to buildings to protect the building. I literally just slammed right into it,” said first-time RV owner Gina Eynon.

Wright says they will teach you everything you need to know before you drive off the lot, but you do have to plan ahead.

“If you want an RV and you are waiting until spring, which is the big sales time, you have to have your order in now,” Wright said.

Unlimited is also one of the largest renters of RVs in New England. Each unit is professionally cleaned in between uses.