Ryan’s Recap: The judges had to save three contestants to make the Top 10! The buzz is that this season of American Idol has the most talented group yet.

Madison VanDenburg was the first to get America’s vote. Walker Burroughs, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, and Wade Cota all secured spots in the next round. 

Laci Kaye Booth celebrated her reign with a classic by Fleetwood Mac. As Laine hardy’s suits continue to become more dapper, his performances evolve too – you’ll see ore of his country twang next week. America’s last pick of the night was Alejandro Aranda (of course).

This is where it got strenuous: Evelyn Cormier, Riley Thompson, Uche, Alyssa Raghu, Dimitrius Graham, Eddie Island, and Ashley Hess all had to perform for the judges pick. 

Lionel quickly picked Uche following his performance. 

Luke saved Dimitrius Graham, who has serious pipes! 

And Katy told Alyssa Raghu that she better give it everything she’s got, moving into the next round. 

Sadly it was the end of the road for Evelyn Cormier, Eddie Island, and (surprisingly) Ashley Hess. 

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