MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Several school districts in the state have announced they will close their schools on primary day amidst safety concerns for students and voters.

“There’s higher than usual expected voter turnout and the climate of this election has been a little bit more heated, I think, than we’ve had in the past. And, so, coupled with those concerns the registrar of voters asked if we could consider closing the schools,” said Milford Board of Education Chair Susan Glennon.

Other districts closing on Tuesday, April 26th include Hamden, Fairfield and Greenwich.

Glennon said concern about student safety was the primary reason behind the decision. Five of their schools are polling sites and with the public allowed access to schools that would normally be locked during school hours, student safety would be compromised.

Secretary of the State of Connecticut, Denise Merrill’s office said this year they are seeing thousands of new voters registering to participate in the election.

“It went from about 10,000 new voters registering in January to about 20,000 in March, and that’s big. It’s about ten times bigger than we saw this time last year,” said Communications Director Patrick Gallahue.

Gallahue said the decision to close schools lies within the individual towns and cities. Milford said their decision was made by the registrar of voters, the school board, and the mayor’s office. For the most part parents agree with the decision to close.

“It’s a lot of people in and out. You don’t know. You know, people with character or what’s going on with the kids, I think it’s like a big liability,” said Andrea Perkins, a parent and registered voter.

Other people say the towns should fins other ways to accommodate both voters and students.

“I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just beef up security at schools as opposed to closing them,” said Ben Johnson.

Many school districts are closed to students on election day in November. Primaries don’t normally get this much attention. Many school, state, and local officials agree this time is different.

“The elections officials are always in great contact with law enforcement officials and so we are confidant that everyone is going to be as prepared ad they have to be, as they always are,” said Gallahue.

Milford said students will make up the missed day at the end of the year, changing the last day of school to June 10th.