Sandy Hook Memorial design choice to be presented to Newtown Board of Selectmen on Thursday


The Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission has approved a design that will honor the lives of those who died during the school shooting on Dec. 14, 2012, according to the News Times.

A team of 12 volunteers and family members of those lost at Sandy Hook was assembled by the Newtown Board of Selectmen in September 2013. The Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission has been working to decide where the memorial should be located and what the memorial should be. The commission accepted design submissions beginning in September 2017 and has been deciding for months which design would best honor the Sandy Hook school shooting victims. The commission decided on a favorite to recommend to Newtown’s Board of Selectmen on Thursday, according to the News Times. Out of 188 design submissions, the commission chose “The Clearing,” designed by SWA, a San Francisco-based company of landscape architects, urban designers and planners.

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The design includes a fountain with a young sycamore tree in the center, according to an article by the Patch, to remember the young age of the victims. 

SWA declined to comment to the News Times until the official decision is made on Thursday. The design is planned to be set in five secluded acres close enough to the new Sandy Hook School “to hear the sounds of children on the playground,” according to News Times.

The publication states that after the design is presented to the Newtown Board of Selectmen, it will be up to the Board to bid on the project and oversee the construction.

The memorial is set to be dedicated on the seventh anniversary of the shooting: Dec. 14, 2019.

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