NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)–Another snow storm on the way and this one is expected to feature heavy and wet snow. Every year over 11,000 people are injured just trying to remove that snow from their driveway and sidewalk, so before you lift, make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Dr. Robert McLean of Connecticut Medical Group said, “If you ask any of the emergency rooms, they see more chest pain,heat attack type episodes when there are big heavy snowstorms.”Related: 8 tips to stay safe during winter weather

Call it necessary manual labor, but shoveling is hard work. It’s extremely easy to get tired out, winded, or worse, so if you don’t frequent the gym, give your heart a break and take it slowly. It’s also important to be smart when moving that snow. So what is the best way to not hurt your back when trying to get rid of it?

“How do you shovel bending down? It’s not exactly an easy thing to do. I think the key is not try and take too big of a bite. Try and take it a layer at a time so that the amount that you’re doing is not too heavy and straining your back muscle,” noted Dr. McLean.Related: Snow blower safety tips for winter

Now if you’re less concerned because you have a snowblower, keep in mind about 1000 people lose a finger…or worse just by mishandling their snowblower.

Gerard Adinolfi of G&H Equipment in North Haven said, “This stick is $12, your hands are not replaceable. People think by shutting off a snowblower, it’s going to relieve all the pressure and you can stick your hands in there…not true.”

So always use a stick to clean out a clogged snowblower. And also make sure to avoid walking into the road when clearing snow, especially at night!