A new scam is targeting Connecticut business owners, particularly limited liability companies, or LLCs.

The Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants issued an alert to their members about the new scam, which was echoed by South Windsor police. In the warning, several LLC business owners reported receiving a form requiring payment of a “$110 annual report fee”. This form, sent by “Workplace Compliance Services”, with a postal address in West Hartford, is a scam.

“The hard-copy looks deceivingly like a real state tax form, so it is easy to understand how people could be fooled by it,” the CTCPA warning stated.

According to the CTCPA alert, this scam is being investigated by the Connecticut Secretary of the State and the Attorney General.

If your business receives this form, do not make any payments to “Workplace Compliance Services”. Report that you received the form to the Attorney General’s office.