Senior citizens targeted by coronavirus robocall scams


WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable to get sick during this Covid-19 pandemic and sadly, they are also being targeted by coronavirus scam artists.

More than 20 percent of people in Connecticut are on Medicaid. Now, the Covid-19 pandemic is bringing out scam artist hoping to cash in on that very population.

As Covid-19 cases soar in Connecticut, robocall scams are up too.

“There has been a number of calls going to seniors asking them for sensitive information, their medicare numbers, their social security number,” said Keisha Hull, Coordinator of Volunteers, Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut, Senior Medicare Patrol.

Callers are attempting to gain personal information and then rob seniors. Keisha Hull is with the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut. She says you should not give any sensitive information over the phone.

“Medicare will not call you and ask you for this sensitive information. Social Security will not call you and IRS will not call you,” said Hull.

It’s an issue close to home.

“West Haven Connecticut. Can you believe it? Impostor CDC officials going door-to-door,” said Hull.

West Haven police report con artists posing as officials with the Centers for Disease Control, the federal agency offering guidance on how to stay safe during this pandemic. But CDC officials would not show up at your door to sell tests, cures, or medication for Covid-19.

Hull says the best way to avoid being scammed:

“Pay attention to your Medicare summary notice, your explanation of benefits. Check your billing statements. You know, only get information from your medical providers,” said Hull.

If you are a target or victim of any of these scams, your local Agency on Aging wants to help. You can call the number on your screen 1-800-994-9422 to be connected.

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