‘Secret Sister Gift Exchange’ on Facebook is a Scam

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(WTNH) — Be aware on Facebook. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The latest holiday scam that has been re-circulating is called the ‘Secret Sister Gift Exchange‘ which originally was brought to light in November 2016. Holiday gift swaps are increasingly popular this time of year, however, use caution when participating.Related Content: BBB warns of social media scams

The ‘Secret Sister Gift Exchange’ asks users on Facebook to purchase a bottle of wine for a stranger in hopes of receiving between six and thirty-six bottles of wine in return. Essentially, this process creates a viral chain asking participants to share by inviting six more friends creating what’s known as a pyramid scheme. Within this gift chain, private information like names and addresses are disclosed to strangers, making it even more dangerous.

The Better Business Bureau has stressed that, “chain letters via social media and U.S. mail that involve money or valuable items and promise big returns are illegal. If you start a chain letter or send one, you are breaking the law.”Original Story: Facebook ‘secret sister gift exchange’ is a scam

There are also very strict laws about sending alcohol in the mail. The USPS does not allow mailing of alcohol while UPS has a list of requirements as does FedEx in their shipping regulations.

If you see this proposition in your Facebook news feed and are asked to participate, simply ignore it. Do not give your personal information to anyone.

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