(WTNH) – Since the school shooting in Texas, a bipartisan group of senators has been working on a gun violence bill. They’ve got a framework, but there are still some sticking points that could kill the bill.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is among the group trying to cut this deal. Talks are underway right now and he says he’s hopeful, but not optimistic.

On Friday, Blumenthal spoke at a family mental health facility in New Britain. He says the goal remains to have a Senate vote on the bill next week before lawmakers go home for summer break.

“I’m very hopeful that we can reach a compromise that will save lives, and day by day, I am more hopeful as we near the finish line, but there are still obstacles to overcome,” Blumenthal said.

One of the big sticking points is closing the so-called “boyfriend loophole.” Right now, federal law only bars gun purchases for people convicted of domestic violence against a spouse, living partner, or someone they had a child with. It doesn’t cover dating partners.

Democrats want the loophole closed and Republicans say the definition is too broad. Dollar amounts are also on the table.

Blumenthal says he is pushing for billions to be spent on mental health.