Friday marks the 21st day of the partial government shutdown, and Senator Chris Murphy visited Tweed New Haven Airport to talk with transportation workers on how the shutdown is impacting them, and potentially, passenger safety.

Murphy was joined by New Haven Mayor Toni Harp, Tim Larson, Executive Director of the Tweed New Haven Airport Authority, and federal workers to discuss the impact of the shutdown on TSA, air traffic controllers, and federal inspection and maintenance workers at both Tweed and Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks. These employees have been working unpaid since the government shutdown on December 22nd, including during the busy holiday season.

Web Extra: Senator Chris Murphy discusses public safety tied to the government shutdown

The Senator highlighted the potential security risk and travel delays if the workers are forced to continue working unpaid.

Web Extra: Senator Murphy news conference in its entirety

Murphy called on President Donald Trump to immediately reopen the government.