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Seven cannabis surprising insights hard to believe


FILE – This March 22, 2019 file photo shows a bud on a marijuana plant at Compassionate Care Foundation’s medical marijuana dispensary in Egg Harbor Township, N.J. U.S. retail sales of cannabis products jumped to $10.5 billion last year, a threefold increase from 2017, according to data from Arcview Group, a cannabis investment and market […]

The National Cannabis Study reports that 56% of all Americans are in favor of marijuana legalization, and 16% are cannabis consumers.

It also highlighted seven out of the hundreds surprising cannabis insights.

Read them below: 

  • Decrease in alcohol intake: cannabis consumers said that the consumption of cannabis has cut down their alcohol use. Some see cannabis as less risky than alcohol.
  • Difference in buying styles and attitudes: consumers in favor of the cannabis normalization are more likely to buy natural items and brands that support a cause. However, those who are not in favor, do not usually believe in supporting a cause and tend to say that technology has little impact on their lives. Therefore, they would rather make something than buy it.
  • Likelihood of watching movies: according to the study, cannabis consumers are 22% more likely to see a movie and buy snacks while watching the movie.
  • Profiles of those who consume for medical reasons: people who consume cannabis for medical reasons reported having ailments, while those who consume cannabis for their own benefit, are more likely to say that that they have cut back on prescription and OTC drugs in favor of cannabis.
  • Influence on vacation destinations: cannabis consumers have indicated their interest in cannabis friendly hotels and resorts.
  • Investment in self-care and alternative medicine: consumers in favor of cannabis are more likely to invest in self-care than those who don’t. They have also indicated their preference in alternative medical treatments over traditional medical practices.
  • Attitude among parents who are consumers: according to the study almost four in 10 cannabis consumers are parents. 72% of cannabis consumers said that they are open to talking to their children about it and see cannabis as good for mind and body.

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