(WTNH) – At the height of the pandemic, while many people were working from home, the rate of pet adoptions increased. Now, as people are going back to work and school, the rate of surrenders has also increased.

Rescue organizations and shelters have always worked hard to keep homeless animals safe and healthy, hoping they all find a forever home. But the past several months have been even more difficult due to the high volume of surrenders and abandonments.

“Sometimes we’re getting 25 to 30 phone calls per day. On the weekends, I’m hearing up to 50 per day,” said Laura Burban, ACO for Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter.

Full shelters mean depleted supplies and funds, which is why rescuers Sarah and Allison held a tag sale last weekend where all of the money was donated to Halfway Home Rescue.

“It definitely seems like there’s a greater need with so many people struggling financially from pandemic job loss or job change. Not everyone can afford their animals anymore,” said Sarah Miller.

If you find yourself struggling financially due to food or medical expenses, your local shelter can direct you to helpful resources.

“As people are getting more and more frustrated or feeling financially compromised where they can’t provide what the animals need, they just believe that leaving it outside is going to be the best option and that’s just not true,” Burban said.

Abandonment is illegal in Connecticut, so it’s best to find an alternative solution through rescue groups, boarding services, or foster homes. Owners should also use caution when posting pets on social media.

“Posting on free sites is dangerous for the animal because you don’t know who is going to be taking them and it can be dangerous for the people who are trying to get a free animal when you don’t know what the animal could be contaminated with or what their behavior is like,” Burban said.

For tips and information regarding rehoming a pet, click here.