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Shelton PD fires officer for photo posted to social media, reportedly lying during Internal Affairs investigation


SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) — The Shelton Police Department has fired an officer for what the department called conduct “in violation of SPD Code of Ethics” and reportedly lying about the incident during the Internal Affairs investigation.

Shelton Police Chief Shawn Sequeira submitted the termination letter for former officer Caroline Moretti on Wednesday. In the letter, Chief Sequeira writes:

During the review of the investigation it was determined that you were directly involved in providing a photograph of yourself, where you took your shirt off down to your bra, to the Shelton Police Union which was then intentionally posted on the “Support the Shelton Police Union, Inc.” Facebook page. It was also determined that when you intentionally undressed in the police department parking lot, you staged the taking of the photo by requesting a co-worker to take the picture with your own phone as you got undressed down to your bra. Even though the photo was taken with your own phone, you lied during the investigation by claiming the first time that you saw the photo was when someone else screenshot it and sent it to you. I find it very disturbing that as an SPD officer you would knowingly and intentionally cause and allow your staged picture to be displayed in a demeaning and degrading manner that would impair the reputation of the department. It is clear that you plotted this whole scheme and your injudicious decision to be involved in this type of conduct will not be tolerated. I also find it troublesome that you stated during your IA interview that you changed the police parking lot on a normal basis, which was determined to be a lie based on video evidence.

At no time were you ever directed or told you had to change in the police department parking lot, which you voluntarily admitted to me at the Loudermill Hearing. Your actions were intended to create a false narrative that officers were forced by the administration to change in the parking lot with no other alternative. This was untrue and gave poor and negative perception of the Shelton Police Department. While we respect your right to express concern over workplace conditions, you do not have a right to lie (including covering up your participation in a voyeuristic scheme regarding them).

During your IA interview, you gave deceitful testimony regarding the photograph of you that was posted on the “Support the Shelton Police Union, Inc.” Facebook page. It was determined that during the interview you lied twenty-one (21) times to the investigators relating to the circumstances involving the taking and posting of this photograph which was discovered to be staged.

Termination notice to former officer, Caroline Moretti

The news comes shortly after the Shelton police chief fired three other officers for an alleged cover-up of a domestic violence investigation.

You can read the entire termination letter sent to Moretti below:

News 8 has reached out to the Shelton Police union, but has not received a response at this time.

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