EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The Connecticut shoreline is expecting more than two inches of rain through Tuesday, which could cause flooding.

The rain was mild Monday evening, but the tide has been higher than normal on East Haven beach. As the nor’easter intensifies Tuesday, the superintendent of operations for the Department of Public Works, Charles Coyle, will keep a close eye on the tide. 

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed it doesn’t get too crazy, depending on which way the wind is blowing,” Coyle said. 

Nor’easter hits Connecticut: Timing, snow totals, possible power outages

Coyle said the department’s 30 crew members are ready to assist police in closing down flooded roads. When there’s heavy rain, flooding is common in some areas across town, like the intersection at Hemingway and Coe avenues. He said drivers should avoid driving through any standing water. 

“The water down here is all salt water, so you’re not doing any good to your car,” Coyle said. “Breaks or wherever else, it just destroys them. And then you could damage the engine, blow your engine going through it too.”

Coyle also advised avoiding moving downed wires or trees. The Department of Public Works and utility companies will come by to do repairs.

In West Haven, residents said rain pools on the street under the railroad track on Campbell Avenue. Customers at the West Haven Duchess Diner have watched cars get stuck there and have to get towed out. 

Wes Davis, a patron at the diner said. says he’s not worried about the storm, but closed roads are inconvenient. 

“If you want to get home, you have to be creative and go in the opposite direction and work your way through all the side streets until you get over near the Kimberly Avenue bridge and then come back,” Davis said. 

West Haven resident Tyrone Baker said the flooded roads by the beach impact his commute to work. But he’s more worried about the Old Field Creek overflowing into his backyard. 

“We have to be concerned first and foremost, but I just hope by the grace of God that it’s not too crazy where if it comes and goes, we can go about our daily business,” Baker said. 

The report below is from News 8 at 11 p.m. on March 13, 2023.