SIMSBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Following a street takeover in Simsbury, police are warning about a dangerous growing trend involving a convoy of vehicles driving recklessly.

On Friday night, approximately 200 cars took over streets in Simsbury, police said. The drivers came from Windsor into Bloomfield, down Route 189 into Simsbury.

The so-called takeovers often occur at intersections where people use their cars, motorcycles and ATVs to block the entire area, rev engines and perform donuts. Authorities said the stunts are illegal, irresponsible and dangerous.

In Simsbury, the group performed donuts in the parking lots of Simsbury High School and nearby businesses, police said.

Simsbury police release dashcam video of officers trying to stop convoy

Officers attempted to stop the convoy twice, but police said the drivers refused to stop. No injuries were reported following Friday night’s street takeover in Simsbury.

If you encounter a street takeover, do not engage with other motorists. Instead, call police immediately to report the location of the activity.