SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) – Icy road conditions caused multiple car accidents on Saturday, including a jeep that flipped over. 

There were two separate car accidents on I-84 in Southington. The accidents happened just minutes apart around noon near Exit 30. 

Michael Ahern and his family were stuck in traffic for the accident on the Westbound side when he saw a car slide off the road. 

“I saw the jeep on the other side of 84 slide down the embankment and roll over,” he said. “I told my son ‘pull over quick’, because that car literally just rolled over.”

Ahern rushed over to the jeep to check on the drivers.

“The two girls in the car were still strapped in and hanging from their seatbelts sideways,” he said. 

Thankfully, no one was injured. 

It’s been a very mild winter this year, but a storm is expected Monday night. AAA is reminding drivers to be mindful of the visibility and their speed. 

“Probably the best thing drivers can do, especially during a cold snap where there are icy, snowy conditions, is to simply reduce your speed by about 30-40%,” said AAA Northeast Spokesperson Fran Mayko. 

Mayko said drivers should also double check their windshield wipers, car battery and tires before Monday. And remember the saying “see and be seen”: making sure your headlights are working so other drivers can see your car. 

And if you spot black ice, don’t slam on the breaks. Take your foot off the gas until you’re back on pavement.