SALISBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — With its stunning views and simple Main Street, complete with a general store, Salisbury, Connecticut offers what superstars may want; solitude and privacy.

“I could see why someone could go down to the city and come up here to get away from all that. It’s nice,” said Zoe Harson.

Harson has lived in Salisbury her whole life.

She has seen her fair share of celebrities, including one of the town’s most famous residents, Meryl Streep.

Streep has lived in Connecticut for years.

She even got her start at the O’Neil Theatre in Waterford and the Yale Drama School.

“Way back as she was fresh out of Yale drama school she came her as her first professional gig out of school in 1975 and acted with the national playwright’s conference. She did five plays over six weeks.  She credits it with the skill set to jump in immediately and go with her first instinct as an actor rather than overthinking a role or overthinking her motivation,” said Preston Whiteway, Executive Director, Board Chairman, Founder of the O’Neil Theatre Center in Waterford.

It’s a career rivaled by few.

She’s been nominated for an astonishing 20 Academy Awards.

She has won three and is nominated again this year for her role in Florence Foster Jenkins.

“She remains a beacon of inspiration for people who so many people who are associated with the school or even people who care about acting…I mean imagine someone nominated from 20 academy awards – her performance in Florence Foster Jenkins made me weep with laughter,” said James Bundy, Artistic Director of the Yale Repertory Theatre.

“She is utterly an artist, utterly committed to the roles she inhabits in ways that are true to the story and bring out the truth in the character. That’s the goal of every actor, but there is no equal…she is a master at it,” said Whiteway.