(WTNH) — A “Solar for All” program is coming to the New Haven area. The program is already underway in Bridgeport. The goal is to make full-size residential solar energy systems available to homeowners regardless of their income or credit score.

“Our average customer is going to save about $125 to $140 a month,” said PosiGen CEO Tom Neyhart. “They’re going to pay us $79 a month, so our goal is to put $40 to $50 back into our customers’ pockets every month.”

PosiGen Solar Solutions is offering financing to applicants through the Connecticut Green Bank. Homeowners who already have the system say they’re saving hundreds of dollars.

“I’m looking at the meter and it’s going down a good amount,” said Ronald Martinez, who owns a home in West Haven. “It’s a good idea though. I think everybody should do it.”

The solar panels are installed free of charge.

If you would like to apply call PosiGen at (203) 416-6518.