Southington city leaders are holding a meeting with the community to combat racism. This meeting stems from a recent video that displayed racists threats by a local high school student and went viral.

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Police say it was a racist rant spewed by a 17-year-old Southington student. The anger and hate voiced in this homemade video sent shockwaves through Southington.

So on Wednesday night, Southington Women For Progress hosted a seminar on why color blindness doesn’t work. It was packed with students and teachers, town Councilman, as well as members from the school Board of Education. 

Cheryl Hilton is with Southington Women for Progress. She says the men and women in this room look deeper than this one video. They looked at the school and the community as a whole to see where they have fallen down, and how to find a way to come together and rise up.

“It’s horrible. It’s absolutely horrible when some people have scars that last for years. It needs to be addressed. I think what we’re trying to do here is not change hearts, we’re just trying to plant seeds, and hope that the seeds germinate,” Cheryl Hilton.

Wednesday’s meeting was the third in a series entitled White Color Blindness Doesn’t Work.