CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) — You wouldn’t know it by seeing her in action at the gym, but Jenifer Walsh has been living life with multiple sclerosis for nearly two decades.

“There are days I could sit in the corner and feel sorry for myself, but I try not to,” said Walsh.

Walsh was diagnosed with MS in 1998 while pregnant with her daughter. While the diagnosis was hard to take, Walsh says it was a sense of relief after years of health issues that doctors were never able to pinpoint.

“But now 17 years later I walk with a cane and I hobble, limp and have a foot drop and it’s difficult to get around,” said Walsh.

She used to be an avid cyclist, but has had to give that up since the MS greatly affects her balance. So Walsh turned to spinning and then became a spinning instructor at Fitness Xpress in Cheshire.

“People diagnosed with MS they’re fighters and they’re not going to let the disease define who they are,” said Cynthia Bidorini who is with the National MS Society of Connecticut.

Walsh’s motivation to teach, despite her own setbacks, has become an inspiration to those who take her class everyday.

“I think everyone sees that she has trouble walking in and the fact that she can run an amazing class that gets us all motivated and makes us feel good for the rest of the day is just wonderful,” said Lisa Arciero of Cheshire.

Walsh’s influence goes beyond the spinning room. She also encourages people on social media to get motivated.

“I teach everyday and everyday I put something out on Facebook saying come to my class,” said Walsh.

Walsh admits that her determination is what keeps her healthy. While those in her class are amazed by what she does, Walsh too is amazed with herself.

“Sometimes I look down at my legs and I can’t believe that’s me peddling away and teaching the class,” said Walsh.