PORTLAND, Conn. (WTNH)- You can spin into fitness with “Hoop with Cori” in Portland, CT.

We’re burning 600-800 calories in just one hour, using this weighted hula hoop. I’ve been hula hooping my whole life. I became an FXP fitness instructor, and all of the wonderful people come every week to have a great time while burning calories.

says Hoop with Cori Owner, Cori Magnotta.

Some students have lost over 30 lbs. from the workouts.

In weeks you’ll start seeing that six pack form.

The hoops you’ll use in class are weighted fitness hoops.

Don’t raid your child’s closet. Those aren’t hoops that are going to burn 600-800 calories. And it’s a larger hoop; it’s 42″ diameter.

Cori puts on “Hooping for Hope” events all to raise money for charitable organizations.

We “Hooped for Houston” a few weeks ago, for the devastating hurricanes. It’s just my way of giving back, and you can’t not smile while hula hooping.

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