(WTNH) – The next plate of french fries you get at a restaurant in Connecticut may be helping you heat your home soon.

On July 1, a new state law is kicking in and it will require all home heating oil to be a biofuel blend. A large amount of the product will be made from restaurant cooking oil. In the past, restaurants used to pay to have their cooking oil taken away but now they can make 20 or 30 cents a gallon from selling it.

The cooking oil will be refined into biodiesel and mixed into home heating oil and it works with existing home heating systems. The switch will also help to drop the state’s carbon emissions, according to Chris Herb, the President and CEO of the Conn. Energy Market’s Association. Heating systems will not need any modifications to begin using the biofuel blend as a licensed professional can set it up in the homes.

All home heating oil in the state is required to be 5% biofuel on July 1st, 2022 and the number will gradually increase 50% by 2035.