HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The Lt. Governor joined the Hartford Mayor to address the benefits of vehicle tax cuts included in the recent package passed by Gov. Ned Lamont on Monday.

The tax cut will be significant for families struggling to pay their bills as the tax break will impact 75 local communities to help as inflation cripples the economy.

This motor vehicle tax affects everyone who owns a car regardless if they live in an apartment or own a house. What car owners end up paying depends on the model and make of the car, as well as the town an individual lives in.

“We’re just surviving by the grace of God. Everywhere is expensive, it makes it hard to live as a human being,” said Rosaline Benle. As a new mother and college student—saving money is a challenge for Benle especially with gas prices hitting the five dollar mark.

“Why should your tax bills be higher if you live in Waterbury or than if you live in Rocky Hill or Weston. A car is a car is a car, so the tax rate should be equal,” said the Speaker of the Connecticut House Matt Ritter.

We broke down the data to show you how much money you’re really saving.

Hartford drivers will see a significant difference on their tax bill, with the city lowering the taxes to the new state cap of $32.46.

In Hartford the most commonly owned cars are the 2010 Toyota Corolla and Camry. The owners will save $70 for this upcoming fiscal year.

Owners of newer cars like the 2020 Toyota RAV and 2020 ford explorer savings will go up to $300.