(WTNH) — All adults nationwide are eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine, but mass vaccination sites are closing in states like Florida, Georgia and Texas.

Since supply is starting to outweigh demand, will the same thing happen in Connecticut? In a word, yes!

Although, it hasn’t taken state leaders by surprise. Governor Ned Lamont and Department of Public Health acting-Commissioner Deidre Gifford have been predicting this could happen by late April.

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With that said, the Governor is asking businesses to offer their employees incentives to get vaccinated, such as offering raffles, free lunch, or time off. But a tax credit from the government will help those businesses pay for those incentives.

“Free lunch, time off, gift cards, raffles. I was just told that Sacred Heart is doing a raffle. You go in if you get vaccinated you’re eligible for the raffle, you get an iPad. These are the type of interesting things that are gonna make a difference,” said Gov. Lamont.

“There’s been that kind of the normal gift cards and bonuses for employees as they get vaccinated. Paid time off for when you do get the shot, and or maybe the day after in case you have any lasting effects,” said Chris Dipentima, President & CEO-CBIA.

News 8 asked the governor if he is considering shutting mass vaccination sites like some other states, to which he said, “I hope not.”