(WTNH) — Domestic violence is being called a public health crisis as the number of crimes has increased in recent years.

The state was taken by storm after two apparent murder-suicides were committed over the weekend leaving four dead.

Four people were left dead after a couple in Wethersfield police say had been dating and a husband and wife in East Granby.

One of the couples were high school sweethearts and had been together for decades and the other had been dating, police say.

Mourners are trying to make sense of the tragic loss of life.

On Tuesday night, lawmakers and advocates petitioned for red flag laws, which would allow police to take the firearm of someone accused of domestic violence

“It is about more protections for survivors so that when they are abused at the hands of someone they are dating that person will potentially have their firearms taken away,” said Liza Andrews, Connecticut Coalition of Domestic Violence.

Advocates say domestic violence at its core is about control, coercion and power so they just want survivors and other victims out there seeing these stories to know the warning signs that usually start as verbal abuse.

“Intensity, the relationship gets really intense very quickly another one is possessiveness or jealousy and a feeling of a sense of ownership over a partner,” said Marie Kenny, Center for Safe Futures.

They encourage anyone whether questioning their own relationship or thinks someone else they know may be experiencing abuse to reach out to safe connect for help. There are many services available, everything from counseling and support groups to emergency shelters Even help in the legal system.

“They have advocates in court houses that can guide victims through the process whether it’s criminal or civil and assist them in getting a restraining order,” said Andrews.

And while there are a multitude of services from counseling to emergency shelters, the hotline texting is 24 hours a day seven days a week and they are there if you just need to talk.