State’s wealthiest couple gives gift to help keep kids in school


It’s a huge gift aimed at keeping kids in school. 

It’s coming from the state’s wealthiest couple and it should go a long way toward helping many kids in the cities that are disengaged or disconnected to school and in danger of dropping out.

At the announcement at East Hartford High School befpore a gym full of kids, Governor Lamont saying,  “The Dalio Foundation is going to contribute $100 million to make sure your education is the best that it can be.”

The state’s wealthiest couple,  Ray and Barbara Dalio of Greenwich are pledging $100 million over the next five years.  Lamont says the state will match it and the Dalios will urge other philanthropists to kick in another $100 million.

It is estimated that at least 20% of high school students in Connecticut are either disengaged or disconnected from school.  

Barbara Dalio has been working to help that population over the last ten years and convinced her husband they should do more. 

Barbara Dalio telling News 8,  “We’re working with different organizations that really do an amazing job helping the young people and really turn them around, turn their lives around.”

 So the goal is to expand existing programs that are working to reach more young people in the state.

“Our focus, Barbara’s focus and my focus, is to particularly get kids who wouldn’t graduate from high school, to get them through high school, and into jobs,” said Ray Dalio.

The Governor says a program Barbara Dalio helped start at East Hartford is a perfect example of what the money would be used for adding,  “One of the things they did here at East Hartford High was they put together a summer program for kids who maybe were forgetting a lot during the summer months so they’d be ready to hit the ground running in September.”

The gift will be in $20 million dollar yearly installments for the next 5 years.  

The state will match that amount and Governor Lamont says for the first year he wants to use $20 million from the current year state budget surplus….saying a two-to-one match is too good to pass up.

WEB EXTRA: Watch the full announcement at East Hartford High School below:

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