(WTNH)–It was a fiery day in court, where attorneys for Jennifer Dulos, and her estranged husband Fotis Dulos, argued over a psychological evaluation which was done in the custody case.

And coming out? We heard from Fotis Dulos for the first time.

Court wrapped for the day with the exchange between attorneys for Jennifer and Fotis getting heated at times.

The arguments really focused on a psychological evaluation that done while Jennifer and Fotis were fighting over the kids.

The court-appointed attorney for the children, Michael Meehan, said that Norm Pattis the attorney for Fotis, broke court orders when he discussed the psychological evaluation in the press.

It was supposed to be sealed to protect the safety and well-being of the children.

But Pattis argued he didn’t know and that he believes it could help what he’s calling “revenge suicide” defense, claiming that somehow Jennifer hurt herself to frame Fotis.

Jennifer’s attorney, Reuben Midler argued that Pattis knew he wasn’t supposed to talk about it.

Plus, it wasn’t completed.

For the first time, we also heard from Fotis. He made a very brief statement Wednesday talking directly to his children.

He is not allowed to have any contact with them since he’s been arrested in connection with their mother’s disappearance.

“I just want to tell my children that they’re constantly on my mind. That I love and miss them very much,” said Dulos.

“We’re pursuing numerous leads. You heard us say today in court, comments that Jennifer made to Mr. Dulos that give us grave concern for her safety and well-being. Um, we are actively contemplating a revenge suicide hypothesis as an explanation for her disappearance,” said Pattis.

The attorney for Jennifer Dolus, Reuben Midler, said in court, ‘this has to stop. It’s easy to submerge someone who is not here to defend themselves.’

The judge ultimately decided that all the copies of this psych evaluation should be given to Michael Meehan. And if anyone wants to look at it, that they may take notes.

But they’re not supposed to talk about the details of the report.

Pattis also said in court that his client is interested in speaking with state investigators but did not give a timeline as to when that might happen.

The kids are staying with the grandmother for now, even though Fotis is fighting for custody. And they have not decided on the next court date.

Attorneys for Fotis Dulos have filed two other new motions in the case:

One would let him have contact with his girlfriend Michelle Troconis, who’s also charged in connection with the case.

Another asks that her lawyers in the custody case be disqualified.


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