Stay fired up about your health with a CT woman who can inspire you


You can and you will with Lisa Carlson — spinning along with you on her cycling seat. 

“It’s a zero impact exercise,” she said. 

In her Pelocave — the so-called cheer fairy is sprinkling her mojo in a high-tech, socially connected community.  

“I’ll get messages on Facebook. ‘I lost my job today and I wasn’t even going to ride and the cheer fairy popped up and you know, made my day,'” she explained.  

This mother of three packed on the pounds over the years.

“I’m more fit than I’ve ever been except maybe when I was an athlete in college,” she said. 

Doctors warned Lisa of potential health issues. 

“To me, it was more like, I didn’t want to feel that way anymore and I didn’t want to look that way anymore,” she stated. 

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The 6th grade teacher dropped 80 pounds and hasn’t looked back.  

She’s self motivated.         

“If my body says ‘no,’ my mind is, ‘just throw those excuses out, just make it happen,'” she said. 

And passionate.

“I still check in with my nutritionist and I still, I put in the work every day,” she added. 

An hour a day keeps Lisa going.

“Moving everyday and making good choices. You’re going to fall off the wagon, it happens. But get right back on,” she stated.

“It’s just fun for me to connect and interact with people that share the same passion that I do,” she explained. 

Lisa said it’s all about putting fun into fitness for her.

She said to find something that works for you so you can stick with it.

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