Stores prepare Easter treats for busy Good Friday


Today is Good Friday, an important holiday for Christians and a busy day for many stores!

For many, the smoky scent of kielbasa is the smell of Easter, and that’s why they line up at Europol European Deli and Gifts in Ansonia every Good Friday.

“I have to have that tradition,” said Ansonia resident Dena Boccardi as she walked out with bags of goodies. “It’s all about tradition, it’s all about family, and it’s just something we look forward to every year.”

“There is bacon and hame and kielbasa on every Polish table on Easter morning,” explained Maria Kuna, the owner of Europol. 

She offers 18 different kinds of kielbasa, and then there are the sweet treats, like the babka in all shapes and sizes. In Poland, it all goes in the Easter basket.

“We bless it on Saturday morning and then we have a big feast on Sunday morning,” Kuna Said.

The Easter shopping season only last for a few days, but they spend weeks preparing for it. All worth it, though, because what they’re trying to do here is re-create an authentic Polish taste.”

Some want to keep those flavors alive for the next generation. Young Kevin Godfrey has Polish heritage on his mother’s side.

“They always eat the sausage and the ham they always eat every year,” Godfrey said.

“It is rewarding for us to hear people reminisce about their grandma’s recipe, grandma’s taste, grandma’s look,” said Kuna.

Which is exactly what keeps Deena coming back every year for that kielbasa and babka.

“It makes me think of being a young girl, but more important, it makes me think of my grandma,” Boccardi said. “My great-grandparents were from Poland, and I just try to instill those same traditions at the family table every Easter, so it’s a good feeling.”

Europol is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Good Friday.

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