(WTNH)– Getting your finances in check in 2018. We helped you decide if a credit card with travel rewards is right for you, now we’re stretching your dollar with how to choose the right one!

Credits cards are enticing you with everything from cash back rewards to points to spend on travel. So how can you make sure you’re getting the most for your money?Related: Stretch Your Dollar: Tips on travel rewards

Experts say look for cards that offer “transferable points” allowing you to move them to your favorite airline or hotel chain’s loyalty program. Credit card companies are locked in a fierce battle for you your business.

Amex’s “Everyday Preferred” card gives extra points at most supermarkets and gas stations.

With Chase’s Sapphire Preferred you get bonus points on all travel and dining.

But experts warn rewards programs may not be worth it for everyone.

“If you’re carrying a balance, even occasionally, you’re negating the value of any rewards that you got. You’re only getting back about 2% of what you purchased. But the interest you’re paying could be 14%-16% or even more in interest charges,” said Greg Mcbride, Chief Financial Analyst, Bankrank.Com.

It’s why it’s so important you don’t jump into anything without researching the fine print first.