Stretch Your Dollar: Tips for saving on your heating bill


(WTNH)– As you heat your home this cold winter, you have likely noticed those bills staring to add up. We are stretching your dollar with some little things you can do now to start saving money

We all know temperatures are only going to dip lower so the time to find savings on your utility bills is now.

Start with an affordable weather proofing kits for your windows, something you can easily do yourself.

Next, Money-Saving Expert Lizbeth Cole suggests “unplug those electronics that you’re not using.”  In fact just unplugging your printer could save you up to $130 a year.

“If you’re not using a room, go ahead and close the vents in that room. That way the heat will get to where it needs to go,” said Cole.

And here’s some advice if you have a fireplace. Make sure it’s closed when you’re not using it. Your heat will rise right out if not.

Finally washing your clothes in cold water could save you another $60. And lowering the hot water heater temperature to 120 degrees could save you $61 more.

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