NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The price of gas continues to climb, hitting an all time high in Connecticut this week.

Those fill ups are crushing budgets, and a lot of people wondering how to pay the rock bottom price for gas?

Let’s start off with the national branded gas stations.

“Gas companies offer rewards programs,” Benjamin Preston, auto reporter for Consumer Reports, said. “On top of that, sometimes fuel companies will actually offer discounts with their apps.”

The loyalty program from Exxon and Sunoco offers 3 cents off a gallon. Citgo also offers 3 cents off, with additional discounts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

How you pay could also save you money.

“The bank credit cards are typically going to save you more money than the gas station credit cards,” Preston said.

Preston explained that gas station cards typically offer a fixed 5 to 10 cents-off each gallon, but bank cards offer a percentage back. So, as the price of a tank of gas goes up, so does the amount you get on cashback.

For example, the Chase Flex card offers 5% back. The Citi Bank custom card offers 5% cash back on your highest spending category, which for many, is gas. The PNC Cash Rewards Visa has 4% off gas, but remember, you don’t save anything if you carry a balance and have to pay interest every month.