Study shows growing trend of people with healthy weight could be prediabetic


(ABC News) – From french fried potatoes to couch potatoes, it’s no secret that Americans are far from the healthiest people — with obesity affecting over a third of adults, putting many at risk for chronic diseases like diabetes.

But new research suggests that even a healthy weight doesn’t put us in the clear.

Researchers at the University Of Florida released a study today-showing that obesity doesn’t appear to be the primary cause of increasing rates of prediabetes.

Prediabetes is that not-so-sweet spot that can lead to diabetes if you don’t address it early.

And this latest study finding that one-third of so-called healthy-weight adults actually have prediabetes — raising questions among doctors of who they should be screening.

For people who have prediabetes, even simple changes in diet and exercise can make all the difference — preventing diabetes down the line or even reversing prediabetes althogether.

So cut out those sugary snacks, eat a balanced diet, and let’s move!

And that’s the latest skinny on prediabetes.

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