Study shows more benefits to aerobic exercises


Dancing, running, swimming, aerobic exercise, or cardio, will get your heart racing.  Now a study says it will get your mind in shape too.

New research tells us that regular aerobic exercise gives a workout to the part of your brain that controls “executive function” tasks. 

This means planning, flexible thinking, and acting on what you have only just learned.

Even if you are as young as 20, it can improve the way your brain works, but older people seem to get an even greater boost.

Toning and stretching exercises? They’re good for your body, but didn’t show this effect on the brain.

So here’s the prescription: go for a jog or a hike, swim, or cycle. Play a sport. Even walking at a pace brisk enough to get your heart going counts.

Your body, mind and heart really are connected. So turn up the music, hit the gym, and maybe afterwards, you’ll be better at the crossword puzzle!

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