Sunken sailboat in Lyme


Along the Connecticut River, you can see a lot of ice and debris float by.

One thing you don’t expect to see in the middle of winter is a sailboat on the river. Especially one which has sunk to the bottom.

The 52-foot sailboat now sits on the bottom of Hamburg Cove sticks. It’s mast is the only thing seen sticking out of the water.

Frank Dinardi of East Haddam who works nearby used his drone to get video and pictures of the boat before and after it sunk in January. You can see it surrounded by ice and then submerged below it.

“The boat has been sitting out there the entire winter and the ice just gathered around it recently and I thought it was so beautiful that I just had to fly my drone so I took some photos of it,” said Dinardi.

The video has gotten a lot of views. The Coast Guard is also keeping an eye on the boat. A team from the its incident management division checked it out Friday morning.

“The vessel is currently not discharging any oil,” said U.S Coast Gaurd LTJG Rodion Mazin who spoke to News8 over the phone. “There is no current environmental threat visible.”

The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says there may be as much as 80 to 100 gallons of fuel still onboard and while there is no threat now there could be in the future. Any oil would float to the top of the water.

“The presence of fuel even though it’s contained at this point if you’re not going to remove it from onboard then it may be discharged sometime in the future,” said LTJG Mazin. 

At this point it doesn’t appear that any ice broke through the hull so they’re still waiting to find out what caused it to sink.

“The thought had crossed my mind that it might sink but I didn’t actually picture it happening,” said Dinardi.

The Coast Guard tells News8 the responsible party, the owner of the boat, is working with a salvage company to try to raise it and remove it from the cove. That’s expected to happen sometime next week.

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