Sunken sailboat raised from Hamburg Cove in Lyme


Crews salvaged a sailboat on the Connecticut River.

It’s actually been under water for more than a month now. The boat was lifted out of the water Wednesday morning during low tide. 

A 43-foot sailboat sank at Hamburg Cove which is just off the Connecticut River.  A lot of people have taken notice of the mast that’s been sticking out of the water.

As for why it sank, nobody really seems to know. That’s a bit of a mystery. 

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However, one of the big concerns was that there was as much as 80 to 100 gallons of fuel still onboard that boat, and the last thing officials wanted was for any of that to leak into the water. 

The Coast Guard had been out there every day to check on the boat to make sure there were no issues.

Hamburg Cove is a key spawning area ground for certain types of fish. 

As for who owns the boat, it’s reportedly a couple from Essex. 

There is no word on how the boat ended up under water.

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